Bohemian Face & Body Arts - Rates and Policies
Formerly Known As - The Gypsy Face Painter - Painting Your Future with Fantasy and Delight

Rates, Policies and Recommendations


  • Birthday Parties and General Events: $75 per hour, per artist.                       
  • Two Hour Party Minimum          
  • 1/3 of the total cost is due upon booking This booking fee is non-refundable (though it is movable and transferable to another party or person). This needs to be paid at least two weeks prior to your event. This is what confirms and reserves your date and time, unless other arrangements have been made.                                     
  • This fee applies to events held within the city limits of Fort Wayne. For events further away, there is an additional trip fee of $50 for up to 50 miles. Please note you are being charged for the extra gas not the extra time.                                                     

  • Corporate per hour rate: $75.00 per hr/per artist at the event. The booking fee remains the same as above.
  • If interested in a contract for an ongoing, long term arrangement, please contact me by phone to discuss discounted rates for this kind of contract.

  • Charities, Schools, Non-profits & fund raising events: Please call for a quote.

  • Pay Per Face festivals and events: $8 - $12 - $15 per face.

  • Prenatal Belly Paintings are individually priced depending on the design chosen. Free consultation and estimate.

Policies & Recommendations

  • Your event date is not solid until I have confirmed that the date/time you requested is available and the booking/trip fee has been received.
  • All events require payment at time of service.      
  •  If your company or organization requires an invoice in order to have the funds available at time of service, I will be happy to provide one in advance.
  • I accept cash, credit cards,debit cards, check or money orders as payment on site. I also accept credit or debt cards as payment through PayPal on the website. 
  • I generally put out a "TIP" jar unless specifically asked not to in advance of the event.
  • I use only high quality professional FDA approved face paints, temporary tattoo ink, glitters and glitter tattoo adhesive.
  • I reserve the right to NOT paint the faces of: persons with open cuts, abrasions, blisters, or rashes on the face, conjunctivitis, runny noses, fevers or other obvious communicable health issues. I will be glad to substitute a design on the person's hand, arm or leg in these cases.
  • Because face painting should be a delightful, fun experience, I will never force young children to be painted or allow parents to hold them down so they can be painted. This should be a wonderful, happy, memorable experience, so if they are uncomfortable with having their faces painted perhaps they would rather have their hand, arm or leg painted.
  • All paints are water based, professional make up made from FDA approved ingredients. The Lather & Lift method works extremely well for removal. You lather up with gentle soap and apply to face, allow to stay on face a moment, reactivating the paint and then lift off with a wet wipe, paper towel or wash cloth. Some colors may require a second washing for complete removal, however this is rather rare. 
  • Designs may be left on overnight... but I do not recommend it. If you do choose to sleep with the design on, I strongly recommend you cover the pillow with an old T-shirt or something you don't care about being stained to protect your good bed linens. A towel is too rough and will remove your design if you rub against it.
  • I strive to maintain the highest standards of sanitation.
  • I do high quality, full face designs like you see at major theme parks.

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